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Tuesday, April 04, 2006 by Robin Engelhardt

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Writing about science and society, educated as mathematical biologist and educational researcher, now mainly freelancer and always looking for new ideas. Currently I work at the Danish newspaper Ingeniøren (ing.dk), and in the spare time I do small publishing projects combining science and science fiction with learning games and the arts. The most heavy and best book I have written is on the philosphical history of the natural sciences - ERGO - naturvidenskabens filosofiske historie. Other interests include rediscovering Berlin, chess and a bit of the usual desktop activism. You can also have a more comprehensive look at my CV.


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by Robin Engelhardt

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Robin Engelhardt
tel. DK: +45/26300403, +45/32112403
email: robin.engelhardt at gmail.com
skype: robinengelhardt, +45/36950403
web: www.robinengelhardt.info

Born: 2 August 1967, Berlin
Citizenship: German, living in Copenhagen, Denmark

PhD in Theoretical Biology and Complex Systems, Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, 1998
Cand. Scient. (Masters) in Theoretical Chemistry, H.C.Ørsted Institute, University of Copenhagen, 1994
B.A. in Comparative European literature, University of Copenhagen, 1993

Study Visits and Collaborations
Research fellow, 3 months, 2006, School of Education, University of California, Berkeley
Research visit , 3 months, 1997, Santa Fe Institute for Complex Systems, New Mexico
Study visit, 3 months, 1993-1994, Chimie et Physique Théoriques, Universite Libre de Bruxelles

Professional History
Journalist & editor, Ingeniøren, May 2008 - present
Communication Officer, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, February 2008- May 2008
Research Manager, Research Unit Science, Technology and Learning, Learning Lab Denmark, Danish University of Education, 2001 - 2007
Research Director, Center for Learning Games, Danish University of Education, 2005 - 2007
Science Journalist and Editor, Dagbladet Information, 1998-2001
Temporary Teacher, Science and Philosophy, Royal School of Library and Information Science, Copenhagen, 1998-2000
Science writer, Weekendavisen, 1995-1997
Amanuensis, H.C.Ørsted Institute,, University of Copenhagen, 1994-1995

Parallel Freelance Activities
Writer, Dagbladet Information, 10/2007 - present
Literary consultancy at Danish Publishing Houses 2003-present
Columnist, Dagbladet Politiken, 10/2006 - 07/2007
Art Exhibit At Ville Ville, Øjenkontakt, Days of Art and Love, Odense, 09/2005
Science & Technology writer, Web Magazine Bitconomy, 07/2000-03/2001
Radio journalist, Danish Broadcast Corporation, 02/1999-10/1999
Columnist, Aktuelt, 12/1999

Project Management and Selected Sponsored Projects and Grants (last five years)
- Research Manager of the Research Unit Science, Technology and Learning (STL) at Learning Lab Denmark (08/01-02/07). Robin started the STL research unit to creates new ways for learning math, science and technology in our society. The unit engages in research and development projects, where theory and praxis go hand in hand in order to create new learning tools, new theoretical knowledge, and new learning methods and principles. The group consists now of approximately twenty people, such as student helpers, secretary, phd-students, developers and researchers. See homepage.

- Initiator and Research Director of the Center for Learning Games (02/05-02/07). The goal of Center for Learning Games is to become an international leading center for the understanding and development of learning games, where the theoretical understanding of learning games is developed and explored through the practical design of gamebased learning tools. See www.centerforlearninggames.dk.

- Project Coordinator of Laboranova (03/05-02/06). An EU-project (IST call 6) on creating a collaboration environment for strategic innovation. The project is a collaboration between 19 European partners with a budget of Euro 7 mio. The vision of Laboranova is to change existing technological and social infrastructures for collaboration and support knowledge workers in sharing, improving and evaluating ideas systematically across teams, companies and networks.. See www.laboranova.com.

- Work Package Leader of ChangeMasters (09/06-02/07). An EU-project (e-Ten) on validating and customizing an edutainment services for change and innovation management. The project is a collaboration between eight European partners with a budget of Euro 1.3 mio. ChangeMasters is an innovative, highly involving, effective and easy deployable life-long learning service that provides adults with key skills and competencies in the organizational change and innovation management area. My job is to lead the workpackage on a detailed market research and target segment analysis.

- Project Initiator and Principal Researcher of Hazardcards (02/04-present). Hazardcards is a combined debating game and art piece. It communicates science and technology by presenting known and unknown technological accidents in a new and provoking way. By playing Hazardcards, the user acquires knowledge of the complexity and governance of technological systems and furthermore, the cards aim at creating debates about what society regards as acceptable risks in relation to technology. See www.hazardcards.com

- Principal Investigator of Scope (08/06-02/07). The project Scope aims at creating an assistant tool for searching for information on the internet. People often have difficulties finding relevant information and the aim of the project is to develop material and processes that can interactively teach and guide people about how to find appropriate information.

- Project Manager of Exhibit Øresund project within LLD (09/06-02/07). Exhibit Øresund is an EU-funded project to create innovative ideas for science communication within selected universities in the Øresund region. See www.xibit.info

- Project Manager of Open Cards (05/06-02/07). Open Cards is an open card game creation format, which may be used in schools as an alternative form of presentation and reflective analysis of any subject. See www.opencards.net/

- Project Management of World Class Math and Science (08/01-08/04). The project intends to identify new concepts in education and greater flexibility in teaching methods aimed at improving general education standards so all students are capable of understanding and participating in mathematics and science subjects at a higher proficiency level than before. See www.matnatverdensklasse.dk/

- Project Manager of Homicide (03/03-11/03). Homicide is a criminological game of investigation for lower secondary education. Pupils get to play investigators and learn how criminologists and forensics experts use hard science as tools. Homicide is an IT-supported role-playing game for entire classes. The murder cases can only be solved through a combination of scientific knowledge with analyses of the suspects movements, alibis and motives. See www.drabssag.dk.

- Organizer of the EU Presidency Conference on Education in Science and Technology - Changes and Challenges, 8-9 November 2002, Copenhagen, changesandchallenges.lld.dk/

Consulting Record (major items)
- ICT strategy development for primary and secondary schools, Danish Ministry of Education, September 2004.
- Development of in-service training methodology for BSc (engineering)-students, Pedagogical Network for Engineering Education in Denmark, Summer 2004.
- Commission member of Natural Science Curriculum development, Danish science education policy, The Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Copenhagen, 2002.

Presentations (major items)
- Heroic Politics and the Framing of Public Opinion, conference on Research, Politics, Money - and Journalism, Danish Science Journalists Association, 1. juni 2007. [pdf]
- Nye Læringsformater [Talk to publishing houses about new learning formats], Fagdag, Munksgaard, 15. September 2006.
- Games as Learning Platform, World Summit on the Information Society, 9-13. December 2004, Geneva,
- Hvad bliver der tilbage når alt er anderledes? - at leve sammen med cyborgs, kloge maskiner og kadavre med bankende hjerte, Etisk Råd [Talk to the Danish Ethical Council about cyborgs and transhumanism], Copenhagen 3. december 2004
- Its about Learning, Fundamental Change in Curriculum, BBC, London, 21. November 2004.
- Learning Experiments with Sceince Games, Nesta Futurelab, Bristol, 22. November 2004.
- Naturens Terror og Teknologiens Rædsel - eller historien om hvordan vi frakender vores børn retten til at vælge, Totalforsvarskursus Truslen mod Danmark [Talk on The Dangers Of Technological Accidents to the Danish Defense Military], Charlottenlund, 17. November 2004.
- Expanding the television format to other platforms - cross media solutions, Science in Media - conference, 16 - 17 december 2002, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Organization & Network Membership (current)
WSIS - Danish World Summit on the Information Society
STS - Science and Technology Studies, Denmark
ISLS - International Society of the Learning Sciences
Amnesty International
MSF - Medicins Sans Frontiere Denmark


Books and Monographs
- Engelhardt R., Lund C. (2008). Jeg er bevæbnet og har tømmermænd - Udvalgte trusselsbreve fra Rigspolitiets arkiv. People'sPress 2008.
- Engelhardt R., Siggaard Jensen H. (2007). ERGO - Naturvidenskabens Filosofiske Historie (Philosophical History of the Natural Sciences), Lindhardt & Ringhof. [wiki]
- Engelhardt R., Mehlsen, C, Stjernfelt F. (eds.) Tankestreger - Tværvidenskabelige nybrud, DPUs Forlag, 2007.
- Richter L., Engelhardt R. (2002). Life of Science - White Book on Educational Initiatives in Natural Science and Technology, Learning Lab Denmark. [html], [pdf]
- Engelhardt R., Hejlskov I., Mørk, K. (2000). Kloner og Stjernekrig (Clones and Star Wars - A textbook about classical science-fiction novels), Lindhardt & Ringhof. [html]
- Engelhardt R. (1998). Emergent Percolating Nets in Evolution - self-organizing networks of molecules and species and their relation to critical systems, PhD-thesis, ISBN 87-7834-304-6, HCØ Tryk, Copenhagen. [pdf] [ps]
- Engelhardt R. (1994). Modelling Pattern Formation in Reaction-Diffusion Systems - An investigation of Turing's Theory of Morphogenesis with special reference to highly non-linear and bistable systems, Masters Thesis, Copenhagen University, June 1994. [pdf] [html] [tgz]

Book Chapters
- Lisser R. Ejersbo, Robin Engelhardt, Lisbeth Frølunde, Thorkild Hanghøj, Rikke Magnussen, and Morten Misfeldt. Balancing Product Design and Theoretical Insights, The Handbook of Design Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education. Erlbaum, Mahwah, NJ. 2007. [pdf]
- Engelhardt, R. (2006). Dynamical aspects of the Origin and Evolution of Language, Language and Prehistory of the Indo-European Peoples -- a crossdisciplinary perspective. Barjamovic, G., et.al. (eds.), Budapest 2006: Archaeolingua. [pdf]
- Engelhardt R.: A School Day is a School Day, in Richter L., Engelhardt R. (ed.): Life of Science, Learning Lab Denmark, 2002 [pdf]
- Engelhardt R.: Finnish Lessons, in Richter L., Engelhardt R. (ed.): Life of Science. Learning Lab Denmark, 2002 [pdf]
- Engelhardt R.: A School for the Future, in Richter L., Engelhardt R. (ed.): Life of Science. Learning Lab Denmark, 2002 [pdf]
- Engelhardt R. (2001). High Cooperativity as Origin of Pattern Complexity, in: Dynamical Modeling in Biotechnology, ed. Bagnoli F. and Ruffo S., ISBN 981-02-3604-2, World Scientific.
- Engelhardt R. (2000). Vive la difference, in: Hvordan Mand, ed. Adam Holm, Tiderne Skifter. [html]

Research Journal Articles
- Hunding A., Engelhardt R. (2000): Self-Organization and Evolution in a Simulated Cross Catalyzed Network, Origs. Life Evol. Biosphere 30 (5): pp 439-457. [pdf] [abstract]
- Newman M.E., Engelhardt R. (1998). Effects of neutral selection on the evolution of molecular species, Proceedings of the Royal Society London B, 265 (1402), pp. 1333-1338. [pdf] [ps] [ps.gz]
- Métens S., Dewel G., Borckmans P., Engelhardt R. (1997): Pattern Selection in Bistable Systems, Europhysics Letters, 37 (2), pp. 109-114. [pdf] [html]
- Hunding A., Engelhardt R. (1995). Early Biological Morphogenesis and Nonlinear Dynamics, Journal of Theoretical Biology, 173, pp 401-413. [abstract]

Reports and Memos
- Robin Engelhardt, ICT Strategy Paper, Memorandum to the Danish Ministry of Education, Learning Lab Denmark, Copenhagen, 2004 [pdf english] [pdf danish]
- Robin Engelhardt, Morten Misfeldt, Ole Graa Jacobsen, Hans-Jørgen Kristensen, Vibeke Fahlén, and Rasmus Dahl, Praktikken i diplomingeniøruddannelsen [In-service training for BSc (engineering)-students], Pedagogical Network for Engineering Education in Denmark, Periodical(2), Niels Borhs Alle 1, Odense , 2004. [pdf]
- Robin Engelhardt, Ove Poulsen, et. al., Physics and chemistry: science for everyone, Report on Danish science education policy, The Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Copenhagen, 2002. [pdf] [html]

Articles in Newspapers
- Hvem er bange for Det Etiske Råd? [Who Is Afraid of the The Ethical Council?], Information, 15. february 2008 [html]
- Uddannelse kræver almen dannelse, [Daddy Physics Is Dead], Ingeniøren 8. february 2008 [html]
- Kampen for udøddelighed [review of Craig Venter's and Jim Watson's autobiographies], Information 28. december 2007 [html]
- Håbet, der koster 100 dollar [One the OLPC computer], Information 14. december 2007 [html]
- Istrien og vinden fra alperne [travel article about Istria], Information 27. october 2007 [html]
- Gisningernes Bog [review of the book Det virkelige menneske], Information, 26. october 2007 [html]
- Framing - en desperat løsning, [Framing is a desperate solution], Politiken, 24. june 2007 [html]
- En pluralitet af vidensformer [Forms of knowledge], Asterisk, june-july 2007 [html]
- Rundkredse og globale dilemmaer [On the Governance of Social Dilemmas], Politiken, 6. maj 2007. [html]
- Perverse tilskyndelser [Holes in the Clean Development Mechanism], Politiken, 25 March 2007 [html]
- Modeteorier [The Fashions of Social Theory], Astetisk, February 2007. [html]
- Det posthumane menneske [The Post-human Human], Politiken, 4 February 2007. [html]
- Når videnskabsformidling går corporate [When Science Communication Goes Corporate], Politiken, 8. October, 2006. [html]
- Risikosamfund: Menneskeskabte uheld er snart mere dødbringende end naturkatastrofer [Man-made Accidents More Deadly than Natural Disasters], Politiken 26. maj 2004. [html]
- Den kreative alliance [Popculture and Science], Politiken 15. juni 2003. [html]
- Nettet fjerner os fra omverden [Review of H. Dreyfus' Livet på nettet], Information 3. oktober 2002. [html]
- Borgerløn til alle [Citizens Salary for All, review of Ulrich Beck's Fagre nye arbejdsverden], Information 27. juli 2002. [html]
- Science Wars på dansk (med Dorte Andersen) [Science Wars in Danish], Weekendavisen 5. juli 2002. [html]
- Drømmer kunstnere om elektriske får? [review of Stephen Wilson's Information arts - Intersections of art, science and technology], Information 5. april 2002. [html]
- Hvordan man vinder i spil [On Game Theory in the Social Sciences], Information 4. marts 2002. [html]
- Genopfind socialvidenskaberne [Reinventing Social Science, review of Bent Flyvbjerg's Making Social Science Matter], Information 3. september 2001. [html]
- Manden som blev til tusinde anekdoter [review of a book on Paul Erdos], Information 17. august 2001. [html]
- En belgisk cocktail [A Belgian Cocktail - on doping], Information 6. juli 2001. [html]
- H=72 (km/s)/Mpc [Meassuring the Hubble Constant], Information 11. juni 2001. [html]
- Dansk vaccine mod malaria på vej [Danish Vaccine Against Malaria], Information 30. maj 2001. [html]
- Stat stat luk dig op [The Closed State System], Information 28. maj 2001. [html]
- Forskere gør op med placebo-effekt [Researchers Reject Placebo], Information 25. maj 2001. [html]
- Baggårdsastronauten Brian Walker, Information 21. maj 2001. [html]
- At klæde svin i ord [review of the journal Kritik], Information 18. maj 2001. [html]

- Genopdagelsen af det gode trip [The Good Acid Trip], Information 14. maj 2001. [html]
- 4'33'' [On John Cage], Information 7. maj 2001. [html]
- Filtrat af karat [review of a book on electronica], Information 21. april 2001. [html]

- Filosofi: Den moderne romerske arena [Interview with Peter Sloterdijk], Information 20. april 2001. [html]
- Gener, set fra den rabiate højrefløj [Genes Seen From the Far Right], Information 9. april 2001. [html]
- Verdens sprog dør på stribe [World Languages on Decline], Information 5. april 2001. [html]
- Nyt skud på menneskets stamtavle [Our Human Ancestors], Information 2. april 2001.[html]
- Magtens formler [The Mathematics of the Nice Treaty], Information 19. marts 2001. [html]
- Gener findes ikke [review of The Century of the Gene by Evelyn Fox Keller], Information 26. februar 2001. [html]
- Ud med Zombierne [review of Freiheit oder Kapitalismus, by Ulrich Beck] Information 26. februar 2001. [html]
- Myren og poeten [Essay on Genetic Determinism], Information 19. februar 2001. [html]
- Rumskrot: Fred over jord [Garbage in Space], Information 16. februar 2001. [html]
- Åben dør for gen-modificeretmad [Opened Door for Genetically Modified Food], Information 15. februar 2001. [html]
- Nyhedsanalyse: Klonerne kommer [News Analysis: The Clones Are Coming], Information 6. februar 2001. [html]
- Kød på IT-visionerne [ICT Visions], Information 3. februar 2001. [html]
- Populationsbomben afmonteret? [Population Bomb Dismanteled?], Information 29. januar 2001. [html]
- Højtflyvende planer [On Air Ships], Information 22. january 2001. [html]
- Spil, vær glad og mobil [On Internet Gaming], Information 22. januar 2001. [html]
- Paranoide planter [Paranoid Plants], Information 2. januar 2001. [html]
- ISS Håbløs [ISS HopeLess], Information 2. januar 2001. [html]
- E-demokratiets første skridt [Local e-democracy], Information 27. december 2000. [html]
- Demokratur på Nettet [Pseudo-Democracy on the Web], Information 27. december 2000. [html]
- Hovsa-central i hjernen opdaget [Brain Science], Information 18. december 2000. [html]
- Danskerne holder på klaphattene [Interview with Niels Chr. Nielsen], Information 28. november 2000. [html]
- Ytringsfriheden på spil [Interview with Per Helge Sørensen], Information 27. november 2000. [html]
- Fra Dotcom til NotCom til SitCom, Information 21. november 2000. [html]
- Den forbudte berøring [On The Cultural History of Masturbation], Information 20. november 2000. [html]
- Den evige læring [Introducing Learning Lab Denmark], Information 13. november 2000. [html]
- Kode-knækkerne [review of The Code Book, by Simon Singh], Information 30. oktober 2000. [html]
- Sjælens puslespil [review of The Emperor's New Mind and Shadows of the Mind, by Roger Penrose], Information 23. oktober 2000. [html]
- Kunden er konge [On Copyrights], Information 18. oktober 2000. [html]
- Rundtur i årets Nobelpriser [Nobel Prices for the Year 2000], Information 16. oktober 2000. [html]
- Nathan den gode [review of Stakkels Einstein og andre fortællinger om fysik by Ove Nathan], Information 9. oktober 2000. [html]
- Science fiction - en håbløs affære [Science-fiction - A Hopeless Affair], Politiken 4. oktober 2000. [html]
- Génopstandelsen [Genetic Resurection], Information 2. oktober 2000. [html]
- National Geographic: Glad geografi [Happy Geography], Information 28. september 2000. [html]
- Big brother: EU på vej mod 1984 [EU and Orwell], Information 26. september 2000. [html]
- Kontroverser om oprindelsen af aids [Controversies about the OPV-HIV Hypothesis], Information 18. september 2000. [html]
- Det sidste menneske [The Last Human Being], Information 15. september 2000. [html]
- Alt fast og solidt fordamper [On the Expo 2000 Hannover], Information 8. september 2000. [html]
- Nettet er sårbart over for terror [Complexities of the Internet], Information 4. september 2000. [html]
- Det hemmelige hyperlinkdiplomati [The Secret Hyperlink Diplomacy], Information 1. september 2000. [html]
- Det virtuelle rum: Søg og du skal finde [Search and You Will Find], Information 25. august 2000. [html]
- Superstars og debutanter [Copyright Issues], Information 22. august 2000. [html]
- Forskere redefinerer antallet af køn [Researchers Redefine of the Number of Sexes], Information 21. august 2000. [html]
- Sten der sladrer [Talking Stones], Information 14. august 2000. [html]
- Friheden har også en pris [Interview with Lene Koch], Information 12. august 2000. [html]
- Det dybe net: 90 internetsider pr. verdensborger [The Deep Internet], Information 7. august 2000. [html]
- At skyde myg med kanoner [About the Vest Nile Virus], Information 31. juli 2000. [html]
- Nanober i min suppe [The Smallest Microbes on Earth], Information 29. juli 2000. [html]
- Gener er en god forretning [Genes Are Good For Business], Information 20. juli 2000. [html]
- Nul eller ikke nul [Zero Or Not Zero], Information 18. juli 2000. [html]
- Amerikanere fortsætter creosot produktion i Danmark [American Creosot Production in Denmark], Information 18. juli 2000. [html]
- Gigantisk rumtingest [Giant Space Thing], Information 13. juli 2000. [html]
-Den kosmiske kammertone [The Cosmic Pitch], Information 16. juni 2000. [html]
- Succesrig UFO myte [review of UFO er og rumvæsener myten om de flyvende tallerkener, by Mikael Rothstein], Information 15. juni 2000. [html]
- Lyset for enden af tunnellen [On The Speed Of Light], Information 5. juni 2000. [html]
- Lysets Mester [On Lene Vestergaard Hau's work], Information 29. maj 2000. [html]
- Firma får patent på menneskeorganer [Company Gets Patent On Human Organs], Information 20. maj 2000. [html]
- Kærlighedens krystalkugle [Mathematics Of Love], Information 8. maj 2000. [html]
- Tidens sand [The Future Of Computers], Information 8. maj 2000. [html]
- Elsk din nærmeste [On Sociobiology], Information 1. maj 2000. [html]
- Nanobillard har fremtiden for sig [On Nanoscience]. Information 17. april 2000. [html]
- Ekspert-flokken [review of De andres viden; frygt og underdanighed i vidensamfundet by Gitte Meyer], Information 12. april 2000. [html]
- Sprogets svære start [On The Origin of Language], Information 10. april 2000. [html]
- Den enfoldige forsker [review of Chales Darwin, by Thomas Hylland Eriksen], Information 3. april 2000. [html]
- Livet er en patentlov [Life Is A Patent Law], Information 31. marts 2000. [html]
- Aktiv modstand: Patentér dig selv [Activism: Patent Yourself!], Information 30. marts 2000. [html]
- Til kamp mod privatiseringen af naturen [Fighting Privatisation Of Nature], Information 30. marts 2000. [html]
- I clinch med auraholdet [review of Bedst af alle verdener - myter i det 21. århundrede, by Dan Frederiksen og Lars Peter Jepsen (red.)] Information 20. marts 2000. [html]
- Naturens egen arkitekt [Interview with Per Bak], Information 13. marts 2000. [html]
- Et værelse med udsigt [The Future of Space Tourism], Information 21. februar 2000. [html]
- Anarki eller kaos [Opinion: Anachy Or Chaos], Information 18. februar 2000. [html]
- Hvorfor software skal være fri [Interview with Richard Stallman], Information 14. februar 2000. [html]
- Gen-forskere fortier dødsfald [Gene-scientists Silent About Death Accitents], Information 2. februar 2000. [html]
- Sortbog om kapitalismen [The Black Book Of Capitalism], Information 24. januar 2000. [html]
- P=NP? [The Philosophical Significance of NP Problems], Information 24. januar 2000. [html]
- Fokus: Gift redder hvaler [Poison Saves Whales], Information 17. januar 2000. [html]
- Den sande apokalypse [The Impact of Meteors], Information 10. januar 2000. [html]
- Fejlenes århundrede [Century of Errors], Information 3. januar 2000. [html]
- Kong Midas' sidste fest [The Last Party of King Midas], Information 3. januar 2000. [html]
- Kogalskab overføres til mennesker [Mad Cow Disease Transmitted to Humans], Information 27. december 1999. [html]
- På sporet af hiv [On The Trail Of Aids], Information 27. december 1999. [html]
- Naturvidenskabens sande image [The True Image of Science], Aktuelt 27. december 1999. [html]
- Bits og bytes i Babelstårnet, med Peter Hyldgaard [Bits and Bytes in the Tower of Babel], Information 20. december 1999. [html]
- Ned med de faste bogpriser [On the Liberalisation of the Book Market], Aktuelt, 20. december 1999. [html]
- Tvivl og halve citater [Doubts and Half Citations], Aktuelt, 11. december 1999. [html]
- Surt show [Mars Polar Landers Accident], Information 6. december 1999. [html]
- Poseidons vrede [The Wrath Of Posseidon], Information 6. december 1999. [html]
- Gode tider for genetisk forbedring [Good Times For Eugenics], Aktuelt 6. december 1999. [html]
- Da livet lærte at gå i takt [When Life Learned To Sync], Information 22. november 1999. [html]
- I skovens dybe stille ro [Body Farm, Knoxville, Tennessee], Information 15. november 1999. [html]
- Situationen set fra Danmark [review of Frem i tiden: Situationen set fra kosmos, by Tor Nørretranders], Information 5. november 1999. [html]
- Ingen tid [No Time], Information 1. november 1999. [html]
- Naturen splittet i bosoner [Nobel Price in Physics 1999], Information 18. oktober 1999. [html]
- Slowmotion [Nobel Price in Chemistry 1999], Information 18. oktober 1999. [html]
- Hvad er penge? [What Is Money?], Information 11. oktober 1999. [html]
- Duftende jakkesæt og den roterende fødsel [Ig Nobel Prices, 1999], Information 4. oktober 1999. [html]
- Regnefejlen der reddede verden [The Calculation Error Which Saved the World ? on the atom bomb], Information 24. september 1999. [html]
- Filosofisk opstandelse [On a Speech by Peter Sloterdijk], Information 20. september 1999. [html]
- Den løgnagtige løgnedetektor [The Lying Lie Detector], Information 20. september 1999. [html]
- Forsigtighed og ansvar [review of Ansvarets Princip: Udkast til en etik for den teknologiske civilisation, by Hans Jonas], Information 20. september 1999. [html]
- Det Fraktale Univers [The Fractal Universe], Information 30. august 1999. [html]
- Døende koralrev [Dying Coral Refs], Information 23. august 1999. [html]
- Pluralisme er en besværlig dyd [review of Lettre Internation], Information 12. august 1999. [html]
- Triumfen mellem skyerne [On the Moon eclipse, 1999], Information 12. august 1999. [html]
- Mens vi venter på mørket [Waiting for the Eclipse], information 11. august 1999. [html]
- Kun betinget logisk [The Conditional Logics of Bayesian Logic], Information 26. juli 1999. [html]
- Dengang sproget blev skabt [On Nowaks Model of the Origin of Language], Information 19. juli 1999. [html]
- Den evige agurks vandring [Cucumber Blues], Information 12. juli 1999. [html]
- Mir er ikke mere [Obituary on Mir], Information 7. juni 1999. [html]
- Nærkontakt af nulte grad [On the Absurdities of CETI], Information 31. maj 1999. [html]
- Dolly-gener er sårbare [Dollys Genes Are Sensitive], Information 31. maj 1999. [html]
- Så smukt et eksperiment [So Beautiful An Experiment, essay on the atom bomb], Information 17. maj 1999. [html]
- Spionen der kom til Santa Fe [The Spy Who Visited Santa Fe], Information 17. maj 1999. [html]
- Videnskaben om anti-videnskaben [ANtimatter and Accelerators], Information 10. maj 1999. [html]
- Da Neandertalren kyssede mor [When the Neandertal Man Kissed Mom], Information 3. maj 1999. [html]
- Recept-arsenik [On Placebo], information 26. april 1999. [html]
- Golfsyndrom afsløret [Golf Syndrome Exposed], Information 19. april 1999. [html]
- Niels Bohr ramt af Sokal-effekten [Niels Bohr Hit By The Sokal Effect], Information 16. april 1999. [html]
- Lamarcks skygge [The Shadow Of Lamarck], Information 12. april 1999. [html]
- Tuberkulose ­ verdens p.t. farligste sygdom [Tuberculosis: The Most Dangerous Disease], Information 22. marts 1999. [html]
- Hukommelsens anatomi [The Anatomy Of Memory], Information 15. marts 1999. [html]
- Langt ude [Far Out - Life On Mars], Information 8. marts 1999. [html]
- Hårdt at være handyr [On Evolutionary Psychology], Information 1. marts 1999. [html]
- Et liv i mørke [On depression], Information 26. februar 1999. [html]
- Lysets nye tøven [Slowing down Light], Information 22. februar 1999. [html]
- Jagten på den røde dronning [The Red Queen in Evolution], Information 22. februar 1999. [html]
- Det første kort over universet [The First Map Of The Universe], Information 8. februar 1999. [html]
- Internet-protest mod ringere data-sikkerhed [Protest Agains Data Security], Information 8. februar 1999. [html]
- Patent på liv [Patenting Life], Information 1. februar 1999. [html]
- Craig Venter vil lave nyt liv [Craig Venter Wants to Make New Life], Information 1. februar 1999. [html]
- Giganternes Mareridt [The Rise of Linux], Information 25. januar 1999. [html]
- Dollys far rede til human kloning [Dollys Father Ready For Human Cloning], Information 21. januar 1999. [html]
- Den største gåde af dem alle [On the Origin of Life], Information 18. januar 1999. [html]
- Ny strategi mod hiv [New Strategy on Fighting HIV], Information 11. januar 1999. [html]

- Føtale rariteter [Fetal Rarities], Information 4. januar 1999. [html]
- Genforskernes drøm går i opfyldelse [Gene Project on Island], Information 4. januar 1999. [html]
- Kosmisk forvirring [Cosmic Confusion], Information 28 december 1998. [html]
- Livets gab [On Yawning], Information 28. december 1998. [html]
- Op med hovedet [review of Viagra, by
Othniel J. Seiden], Information 18. december 1998. [html]
- Først var der forbuddet (with Ida Damgaard Andersen) [interview with Lars Henrik Schmidt], Information 7. december 1998. [html]
- Motor ergo sum [Interview with Rodney Cotterill], Information 30. november 1998. [html]
- Hiv-medicin giver svære bivirkninger [Bad HIV Medicine], Information 30. november 1998. [html]
- Fra skabning til skabelon [From Being To Template], Information 16. november 1998. [html]
- Genteknologiens store etiske dilemmaer [Ethical Dilemmas Of Genetic Engineering], Information 16. november 1998. [html]
- Tankens placebo [The Placebo of Thought], Information 9. november 1998. [html]
- Beam me up! [On Teleportation], Information 2. november 1998. [html]
- Klapsalver til kvaksalver [On the Placebo Effect], Information 26. oktober 1998. [html]
- Elektronhvirvler og kvasipartikler [Nobel Price in Physics, 1998], Information 19. oktober 1998. [html]
- Kambrisk eksplosion afblæst? [Doubts About the Cambrian Explosion], Information 12. oktober 1998. [html]
- Bevidsthed og kvantemekanik (med Frederik Stjernfelt) [Interview with Roger Penrose], Weekendavisen 28. august 1997. [html]

- Videnskabs-journalistikkens endeligt [review of End of Science, by John Horgan], Weekendavisen 18. april 1997. [html]
- Dansk middelmådighed A/S [On the TIMMS reports], Weekendavisen 10. april 1997. [html]
- Vor fantastiske hjerne [review of Vor Fantastiske Hjerne, by
Espen Diedrichs and Leif Gjerstad], Weekendavisen 7. februar 1997. [html]
- Jagten på sandheden [review of Jagten på sandheden, by Eirik Newth], Weekendavisen 25. januar 1997. [html]
- Ironisk computer [Ironic Computer], Weekendavisen 17. januar 1997. [html]
- Jagten på en vaccine fortsætter (with Frederik Stjernfelt) [Interview with Allan Perelson], Weekendavisen 1. november 1996. [html]
- Livets spontane orden (with Frederik Stjernfelt) [Interview with Stuart Kauffman and Brian Goodwin], Weekendavisen 6. september 1996. [html]
- Langt ude [On the Arguments of Life On Mars], Weekendavisen 16. august 1996. [html]
- Den usynlige (h)ånd [review of At Home in the Universe - The Search for the Laws of Self-Organization and Complexity, by Stuart Kauffman], Weekendavisen 26. juli 1996. [html]
- Tror du ikke på Darwin, din abe? [review of Climbing Mount Improbable, by Richard Dawkins], Weekendavisen 19. juli 1996. [html]
- Med eller uden gen-etik? [review of 20 år med genteknologi, by Ole Terney], Weekendavisen 2. maj 1996. [html]
- DNA & Dollars [How Far is the HUGO Project?], Weekendavisen 19. april 1996. [html]
- Muslingeskallers matematiske skønhed [Pattern Formation in Sea Shells by Turings Mechanism], Weekendavisen 9. februar 1996. [html]
- Mød din dobbeltgænger [Does Anti-matter Matter?], Weekendavisen 26. januar 1996. [html]
- Ebola går til angreb på den globale landsby [review of Hotzone, by Richard Preston], Weekendavisen 26. januar 1996. [html]
- Vor tids oplysningsfilosoffer [Interview with John Avery], Weekendavisen 8. december 1995. [html]
- Transsexuelle Engle [Nobel Price in Physics, 1995], Weekendavisen 10. november 1995. [html]
- Verdens undergang præmieret [Nobel Price in Chemistry, 1995], Weekendavisen 3. november 1995. [html]

- Hvorfor ligner vi ikke søpølser? [Why Don?t We Resemble Sea Cucumbers?], Weekendavisen 13. oktober 1995. [html]

Other Publications
- Jesus, Rut, Engelhardt, Robin, The Interactional Expert, DPU Quarterly, 31 October 2006. [html]
- Rute Jesus, Max Møller, Robin Engelhardt and Lars Vilhelmsen, HPS games - The ultimate frontier of game design, in Teknik & Kultur, Nyt om håndværk- og industrihistorie, 7. juli 2006. [html]
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- Engelhardt, R.: Historien om Linux [The History Of Linux], Bitconomy, 4. august 2000. [html]
- Engelhardt, R.: Internetteknologi til en opkoblet verden [Internet Technology For A Connected World], Bitconomy, 31. juli 2000. [html]


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Welcome to my repository where I keep my stuff for reference. It contains many of my writings and publications, links and project notes. I have been collecting my writings on the web for many years, also before I changed to this blogger format. Therefore, instead of using the archive menu on the right, you will need to browse through the items in the menu bar on the top in order to find older texts, such as newspaper articles, books and academic publications.


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