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Writing about science and society, educated as mathematical biologist and educational researcher, now mainly freelancer and always looking for new ideas. Currently I work at the Danish newspaper Ingeniøren (ing.dk), and in the spare time I do small publishing projects combining science and science fiction with learning games and the arts. The most heavy and best book I have written is on the philosphical history of the natural sciences - ERGO - naturvidenskabens filosofiske historie. Other interests include rediscovering Berlin, chess and a bit of the usual desktop activism. You can also have a more comprehensive look at my CV.


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Robin Engelhardt, Copenhagen


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ERGO- naturvidenskabens filosofiske historie (Lindhardt og Ringhof, 2007)

Hazardcard - a learning game
- play, buy and create

Jeg er bevæbnet og har tømmermænd - udvalgte trusselsbreve fra Rigspolitiets arkiv (PeoplesPress, 2008)

Jeg tager bomben med når jeg går - udvalgte trusselsbreve m.m. fra Rigspolitiets arkiv (PeoplesPress, 2009)